Medical Jet Jaguar

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Medical Jet Jaguar
Medical Jet Jaguar
Species                         Nicknames
Robot Doctor Jet Jaguar
Height                           Length
 ?? meters None
Weight                             Forms
 ?? tons None
Controlled by                 Relationships
G-Guard, Misato G-Guard (Creators)
  Allies                             Enemies
Godzilla, all of Godzilla's allies SpaceGodzilla

First Appearance
Godzilla Island 

Medical Jet Jaguar (メディカルジェットジャガー,   Medikaru Jetto Jyagā?) is a mecha created by Toho that first appeared in the 1997 Godzilla television series, Godzilla Island.


Medical Jet Jaguar's appearance is that of completely white version of Jet Jaguar, with the exception of a red cross on its chest.


Godzilla Island

Medical Jet Jaguar, one of three different Jet Jaguars on Godzilla Island (the others being a completely silver Jet Jaguar and a Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar) was a giant machine used by the G-Guard on the island to see to the monsters and keep them healthy. Operated by one pilot, the robot helped injured monsters and also saw each monster for a regular checkup, insuring each was healthy. Medical Jet Jaguar had no real weapons to speak of, but had a host of materials needed for its job, including a giant stethoscope and hypodermic needle. The machine was a favorite vehicle for the G-Guard Commander's daughter, Misato, during her time on the Island.


Main article: Medical Jet Jaguar/Gallery.


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